Next 2017 Training, 2nd opportunity: November 23 to 26 ( seminar one)

This seminar one is another opportunity to join the training. Bilingual students, welcome. Don’t miss this chance!



Rebekah’s talks and presentation are based on a theme of her choice, either the Nervous System, Traumas or Birth or many other fascinating subjects. Always very interesting! A way to present the CS Biodynamic approach, its benefits, and the training program. 

  • Dates to be determined.


Welcome to our Open-clinic where you will be able to receive sessions in Craniosacral Biodynamic from our practitioners and 2nd-year students, in Montreal and other regions, at the cost of 55$.

The Open-Clinic will be held on Tuesdays, every 2 months, from September 19th to Oct 16th, 2018. Please check availabilities in the calendar and make a reservation by email or telephone with your name, phone number, and address, at the latest 72 hours in advance, cash payment only.

Dates: Sept19, Nov14, 2017Jan16, Mar20, May15, Aug14 and October 16, 2018.

Hours: 12h to 13h – 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm – 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm and 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm.

Montreal : Tel: (855) 707-6868. Email:
Adress : 5333, Casgrain, suite 707, Montréal, Mile End (Laurier Metro)

Drummondville : Diane Joubert (819) 475-4249 ( by telephone only)

Chicoutimi: Annie Francoeur: (418) 541-0333. Email :

CRANIOSACRAL BIODYNAMICS is the leading edge of evolution in craniosacral therapy. Although originating in osteopathy, it presents a unique specialty field. BCST is an approach that taps into the body’s natural healing resources, working with the regenerative forces, the Breath of Life, and acknowledging the deepest foundations of the human system.

This spiritual essence, the Breath of Life, is perceived to generate a subtle tide-like ordering and organizing principle called primary respiration. Read more…

WHO IS IT FOR? Open to all bodywork practitioners, osteopaths, massage therapists, mid-wives, nurses, to those who wish to complement their practice or become BCST therapists as a career change or simply for someone who is looking for balance and harmony in their own health.

PROFESSIONAL TRAINING – Taught by By Rebekah Crown, BCST, RCST®, our training is given in 12 seminars of 4 days ( 2 of them are 5 days) each over approximately 2-year period. Our program is inspired by Franklyn Sills work, author of « The Breath of Life and fundamental skills » and follows the curriculum recognized by the BCTA/NA – Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Association of North America. Read more…

(* We require a minimum of 10 students to start the training)

INTRODUCTORY WORKSHOPS – A few introductory workshops are given throughout the year to give you an opportunity to experience the work and join the professional foundation training.  Read more…

INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS : You’re welcome to receive an individual sessions with one of our practitioners.

“Training with Rebekah is the most gentle and loving healing experience of my life. She never pushes you to go faster than you can, and is always there to cheer you on when you break through. Her joy is genuine, her knowledge is deep, her healing powers are magical.”

Katryn Leblond, Fashion designer