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Introductory Workshop


Training/Seminar 1: Nov 23 to 26, 2017 –  A second chance for joining the 2017 training!

1-day Intro: Next dates to be determined – In Montreal

We sometimes offer a 2-day intro but this year we made available a 1-day intro to get a taste of BCST and you can also take the 4-day seminar one as an intro and then decide if you continue the training.


Discover the basics of this transformative approach to healing. In this one-day workshop, you will learn some tools to align with your inherent health and regulate the nervous system. We will discuss creating safety in the therapeutic relationship, and practice compassionate presence. Basic principles of BCST such as perceiving Primary respiration, the original matrix of health, working with wholeness, the continuity of fascia and developing the felt sense will be introduced.


This is when the training starts and it is an open seminar that allows you to get a deeper intro and decide whether you want to continue the training or not. Please see 4-day seminar one content in the calendar or write us and we’ll send you details. This seminar is in French. Welcome to bilingual students as we have manuals in English and homework can be done in English too. Reading is in our English books.


This is a 2-day intro workshop, you’ll discover the profound, gentle, practice of Craniosacral Biodynamics. The roots of this work lie in structural osteopathy. The biodynamic practitioner listens to the underlying forces that create form and works with natural processes that facilitate healing. Theory, practice, meditations, and visualizations are included.

Learn about the legacy and evolution of this health-oriented approach. Get a sense of the space and the teaching team and see if the 2-years training is for you.

This training is for all health professionals – osteopaths, massage therapists, yoga teachers, midwives, acupuncturists homeopaths, and more, wishing to add a deeper dimension to their practice, as well as those wishing to start a career in a continuously evolving field.

Topics include:img_2964

  1. The power of stillness
  2. Resources and the felt sense
  3. Biodynamic principles and the breath of life
  4. The wide perceptual field and a balanced state of awareness

Address: 5333 Casgrain, #707 – Montreal, QC, Canada- Free parking Saturday & Sunday


1-day intro: $100 plus taxes. Register:

  • Sherbrooke: Before Jun 7th, 2017.
  • Quebec City: before Jun 30th, 2017

4-day seminar one: $642  taxes included. – Early bird one month before July 28th: $580 taxes included.

2-day intro: N/A



Early bird rates: See above.

Bring a friend: See our referral program to get a rebate if one of your friends register for the workshop